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ICON – Season 4, Episode 2 : Muscle Shoals

Icon LogoWelcome to the 2nd episode of Season #4 of ICON…

On this episode, host Paul sat down with the man himself Noel Webster and spoke about the Iconic recording studio ‪Muscle‬ Shoals‬

Some soundbytes:
“…The whole building is like a hall of mirrors, it deflects sound and there are no standing waves…“

“It was Raining in the building – there were buckets set up everywhere in the studio. There is a beam across the center of the console. The water poured down the first three channels and shorted them out. Steve melton bough thumbtacks kotex and duct tape, and he made strips in the beams over the console. Paul comes in and he’s laughing his ass off. there’s rain pouring in the building, he’s in the middle of nowhere, but then he HEARS it and says “holy shit that’s iT!”

About Icon :

If a picture is worth a thousand words.. then ICON is your thousand words!

ICON takes the most iconic albums of our lifetime, and explores the behind-the-scenes stories with those who were there. This is ICON.

Paul Doty is the brainchild behind ICON. Paul invited Roman Guzman to host the show alongside him. Carleigh Arnold was asked to be the voice of ICON. Finally, K&B Entertainment was asked to book and manage the show. They all happily accepted Paul’s invitation.

ICON launched in 2012 with an epic interview featuring Roger Hodgson, founding member of Supertramp. This interview opened the gateway for ICON to become the successful show it is today, with over 400,000 views per month. The best thing about ICON? You can subscribe for free on itunes! Visit us on Facebook and Twitter. ICON is now on Stitcher Radio .
Additionally, all of the ICON interviews are currently available on vimeo. ICON is proud to announce that AMFM Magazine is their core sponsor.

All music used on ICON is licensed under ASCAP.

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Twitter : https://twitter.com/ICONPaulnRoman

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  1. GREAT GREAT interview .. i loved it!

    Loved all the small little tidbits of events that happened over there! 🙂

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