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DEFECTO – Excluded

defecto_coverReleases: 19 March 2016

DEFECTO is a Danish metal band hailing from the outskirts of Copenhagen. The unique musical expression of DEFECTO is all about creating powerful progressive music without sacrificing songwriting or melodies, having band members that each play with superior musical and technical abilities. In fact, DEFECTO believes in writing melodic, catchy and hard-hitting songs while still paving the way for some seriously awesome face-melting solos, wild vocal & instrumental performances and whatnot.

DEFECTO’s debut-EP ‘Defecto’ released in 2012 showcased an ambitious band and was acclaimed by both Danish and international reviewers alike. For this solid piece of work the band was honored with a “Best Metal Act 2012”-award in Copenhagen by Underground Music Awards.

Defecto’s debut album is recorded and produced by none-other than international celebrity producers Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica) and Jan Langhoff, in Flemming’s own studio, mixed in collaboration with frontman, guitarist, lead singer and overall musical prodigy Nicklas Sonne (also frontman in metal band Malrun). This album’s got what no other metal band in Denmark can deliver – modern, groovy, progressive and symphonic heavy metal with an accessible sound and melodies that’ll stay in your head from the first listen.

Think a mix between the classic Metallica and modern sound and melodies of Trivium. Thrown in with some delightfully instrumental intricacies like Dream Theater, and symphonic elements from Nightwish. Add the vocal prowess of Russel Allan, James Hetfield and Mikael Åkerfeldt into one singer, and what you’ve got is an epic combo of melodic and catchy, grandiose and technical, yet crushingly heavy metal that is DEFECTO.

Producer Flemming Rasmussen on his collaboration with Defecto: “Flemming Rasmussen agrees: “DEFECTO is a group with tremendous talent and enourmous potential in Denmark as well as internationally”.

Needless to say, Flemming knows what he’s talking about, being behind the succes of metal behemoths Metallica. The new album is set for release in march 19, 2016.

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