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ST. PROSTITUTE – A Bitter Man’s Lullaby

stprostitute_abittermanslullaby_coverDanish heavy rockers ST.PROSTITUTE give you “A Bitter Man’s Lullaby” released worldwide by Mighty Music on the 19th of February 2016.

ST.PROSTITUTE has re-recorded a track from their debut album “Here Come The Prostitutes” from 2012. The song “A Bitter Man’s Lullaby” was an acoustic version – pretty stripped down in the original version. In this new version the band gave the song a facelift and added drums, bass, electrified guitars and strings!

The facelifted version came to the surface during late night rehearsals where the band loves to experiment and re-arrange songs. “A Bitter Mans Lullaby” really evokes the feeling everybody knows – love and broken hearts. Fussy Korsholm’s raw and uncompromised vocals accompanies the melancholic lyrics with heartfelt passion.

“A Bitter Man’s Lullaby” is available via: iTunes, Amazon & Google Play



ST.PROSTITUTE is a Danish rock act with a strong fascination for rock ‘n’ roll and the times when rockstars were really rockstars. With huge egos, tons of guitars, hooks, licks and screaming vocal in the power energitic music the band is ready for the next quest – to conquer the world.

In 2010 ST.PROSTITUTE went to USA on a small PR & Club Tour. Legendary venues like Whiskey A Go Go and Viber Room in Hollywood and Wasted Space, Las Vegas were on the poster. ST.PROSTITUTE had the honor of supporting Pretty Maids in front of 12.000 people in the heart Copenhagen back in 2011.

2012 is a milestone in the history of the band. The debut album “Here Come The Prostitutes” was released and received great reviews world wide. Several magazines and webzines had the album on a “Best Of 2012” list. Furthermore 3 songs from the album appeared on different UK compilations – especially Classic Rock Magazine’s “Best of 2012”..

A brand new album “Glorified” surfaced in the summer of 2014, when the band was in a very creative period and a lot of new songs were written. It was from the early stage very clear that the raw, powerfuland “live-ish” was to be captured “on tape”. The obvious choice was to team up with a friend of the band, producer and studio owner of Lobster Studio, Rune Buck. He has a certain ability to catch that vibe. The album “Glorified” is the result, which is a full frontal attack with loads of up-temp songs with great hooks, licks and melodies.

Fussy “FunzMeister” Korsholm – Lead Singer
Morten “Woody” Korsholm – Lead Guitarist
Jones Bak – Bass
Jack Andy – Drummer
Kris Freeze – Guitar


Website: http://stprostitute.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wearestp

Label: http://mightymusic.dk

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