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FAULT LINES – Equal Parts

Such Is Life is about understanding the reality of the situation. Such a simple and dismissive phrase – “Such Is Life” – is a tongue-in-cheek way of looking at the world around us and the struggles of life. You can call it cynical, and by all means we wouldn’t be disagreeing with you if you felt that to be the …

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“Take Control” by Poynte

POYNTE based in Atlanta, GA, comprised of sincere musicians that still take pride in lyrical content and musical movement. With every single note planned to support the emotion of the song, the band delivers on their uncompromising vision. From the syncopated drum and bass lines, to the layers of guitars that support the vocal melodies, POYNTE is a well-oiled emotion machine that leaves …

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“Burden” by Dream State

Welsh alt rock band Dream State have their debut, 5 song EP out, titled Conssquences. The band states that they draw inspiration from melodic hardcore, and the EP seems to back this up, with melodic arrangements, well-sung female vocals by Charlotte-Jayne Gilpin, and interesting instrumental breaks and tones. Band lineup: Charlotte-Jayne Gilpin – Lead vocals Aled Evans – Lead guitar …

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